Duncan Fort

Where do you call home?

Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?

I was floating aimlessly around for two months after graduating from St. Lawrence University.

Weirdest/most specific/interesting item you brought to country with you?

Climbing gear! Harness, shoes, quick-draws, carabiners,  grigri…but I forgot to pack my rope so it’s all a bit useless.

First impressions of Nicaragua? What surprised you most?

3 a.m. music and mortars in the streets of La Paz.

Funny anecdote from training/service so far?

The number of times I have hiked 5 km up a mountain to my rural community to find class or co-planning sessions cancelled is some form of cruel joke. But at least it’s good exercise, right?

Best Spanish mistake?

Ano y año son bien diferente.

Favorite Nica food?

¡Desayuno típico con huevos revueltos, crema, tortilla, gallo pinto, cuajada, y café!

What do you hope to accomplish in your service?

Updating my community’s water system and translate 100 years of solitude Spanish – English.

What do you miss most from home?

SNOW! And family and friends and food and my car and hot showers and live bluegrass.