Peace Corps’ Third Goal: “to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.”

As countries around the world seek to advance and connect, Peace Corps Volunteers of the 21st century have more access to technology than their predecessors ever dreamed of. But with the power of access comes great responsibility; the Peace Corps blog was born.

Peace Corps Nicaragua has a strong blogging community (some even being featured on the official Peace Corps Stories page). The list below will grow and change, but we hope it will give you a broader understanding of what life looks like as a Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteer.

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Current Peace Corps Nicaragua Volunteer Blogs:

Nica 71

Nicaragua: A Peace Corps Story | Mallory HE 71

Nica 70

Aventuras Fueled by Cafecito  | Henry ENV 70
Paz Ambiental| Duncan ENV 70
Peace (Corps), Love, and Nicaragua| Dylan ENV 70

Nica 69

the sounds and smells | Madison HE 69
Satya in Service| Nico EEP 69
Dictated by Gravity | Tiffani HE 69
My Journey Has Begun| Fernando EEP 69

Nica 68

¡Dale Nicaragua! | Becky ENV 68
Dani Explores | Daniela TEFL 68
Jade Rambles | Jade TEFL 68
Chelita in the Big City | Kelcie TEFL 68
Jared’s Peace Corps Time | Jared ENV 68
Two Years of Mountain Living | Diana ENV 68
wherethemoonwalks | Royce ENV 68

Nica 67

Coco En Nicaragua | Coco EEP 67
Maura’s Mind’s Musings| Maura HE 67
Walking the Fringe | Khalan EEP 67 (and her sister, Tess, a PCV in Mexico)
Cano Adventures| Michael EEP 67

Returned Nicaragua Peace Corps Volunteer Blogs:

Nica 66

David’s Blog | David TEFL 66
It’s All Part of the Experience | Mary TEFL 66
Masters of the Corps | Rachel ENV 66
My Peace Corps Journey | Stacey TEFL 66
NICAn’t Believe there’s Ice Cream | Carolina ENV 66

Nica 65

Livin’ La Vida Nica | Jennifer EEP 65
This one time…in Nicaragua… | Polly HE 65
820 Días: My Adventure in Nicaragua | Justine HE 65
John and Deb in Nicaragua | John and Deb HE 65
The Prospect Greater Than the Sky | Ethan HE 65
Werd Travels | Nae EEP 65

Nica 64

Alex Hates Writing | Alex ENV 64
Avalon Abroad | Avalon ENV 64
Finding Peace in Nicaragua | Emily P. TEFL 64
Gringa on the Go | Anita (and José) ENV 64
Livin Davita Loca | Davita TEFL 64
May We Suggest | Andrew and Emily N. TEFL 64
My Journey as a Peace Corps Masters International Volunteer | Michelle ENV 64
P.S. from Nicaragua | Kim TEFL 64
Swan Travels | Robin TEFL 64
The NicAdventure | Conor and Michaela TEFL 64
The Not So Simple Life | Danica TEFL 64
The Vulnerable Traveler | Char TEFL 64
Tranquilo en Nicaragua | Traci TEFL 64

Nica 63

Blogs by Thomas | Thomas SMB 63
HAY MAS VIDA | Jessica SMB 63
Incidents of Travel | Eric SMB 63
Life’s Musings | Anna HE 63

Nica 62

From Minnesota to Nicaragua: My Peace Corps Experience | Morgan ENV 62
Mariel’s Adventure Blog
| Mariel ENV 62
Notes from Nica | Ellen TEFL 62
Spanish and Gardens: My Time in Nicaragua | Joe ENV 62
Thoughts from Nicaragua | Katherine TEFL 62

Nica 61

This World Keeps Spinning | Tracy SBD 61

Nica 60

Tara in Nicaragua | Tara ENV 60

Nica 59

In the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes| Hannah SBD 59

Nica 58

¿Y Entonces…? | Carli HE 58