Rebeccah Schechter

Where do you call home?

Stamford, Connecticut

What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?

Full-time student and environmental activist!

Weirdest/most specific/interesting item you brought to country with you?

I brought a Stainless Steel reusable razor from the 1930’s, it comes in a cool case where you can sharpen the same blade over and over again (Sustainability!)

First impressions of Nicaragua? What surprised you most?

A country where making friends is easy, the nature is abundant, and the heat is no joke.

Best Spanish mistake?

To say I am going to catch the bus, I would normally say, “Voy a coger el bus.” Apparently coger in this country has a sexual connotation to it… so people’s response is usually, “Todo el bus?!?” I now use agarrar… and people don’t look at me weird anymore.

Favorite Nica food?

Gallo Pinto with Maduro!

What do you hope to accomplish in your service?

I hope to inspire young people to treat the earth like they would treat their mother.

What do you miss most from home?

All the Vegan Junk food and my friends and family