Sophie Parker

Where do you call home?

Palo Alto, California

What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?

Studying sociology and spanish at Elon University, North Carolina.

Weirdest/most specific/interesting item you brought to country with you?

A LOT of trader joe snacks.

First impressions of Nicaragua? What surprised you most?

How incredibly kind the people are and how safe I feel in the country.

Funny anecdote from training/service so far?

I won a swimming competition in my site and was then interviewed about it for channel 4.

Best Spanish mistake?

The difference between calcones (underware) y calcetines (socks).

Favorite Nica food?

Tajados and fresco de cacao.

What do you hope to accomplish in your service?

I hope to make great relationships with people in my site. I hope to leave the mark on my community as an example of someone from the United States who cares about other people’s cultures and is accepting.

What do you miss most from home?

My family and my puppy dog Bella.