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Try not to giggle. We dare you.

Querida Mita,

What is the key to a long distance relationship? I have never had to do one before, but I am about to.

Querida Muchacha,

Fijese que…

There’s an old saying that goes amor de lejos, amor de pendejos. Why would you do that to yourself? Oh well, chavalos y chavalas these days are moving so much que andan como pata de perro that I understand why you’re doing a long distance relationship.

In my 73 years, I’ve seen my family and those of my neighbors separated because Continue reading “Mita’s Secrets to Long-Distance Love”

My love-hate relationship with “Fijese que…”

Char / Nica 64 / TEFL

Lately, I’ve had an obsession with the Spanish words “Fijese que…”, which roughly translates to “Pay attention that (insert statement/excuse here).”

Why am I so intrigued by this saying? Because there’s no better way in Spanish to get one’s attention as easily. It’s as if you’re saying “Hey you. You better listen to this like you’re life depends on it. Or else.”

Other Nicaraguans take it only slightly less seriously than I do because they’re used to using it 93 times a day. Continue reading “My love-hate relationship with “Fijese que…””

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