Volunteers do incredible work in their sites, often working on low or nonexistent budgets. Occasionally though, volunteers work on larger projects that require some additional financial assistance. Through the Peace Corps Partnership Program you can donate online where one hundred percent of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly toward the designated Peace Corps Partnership Program project.

The Partnership Program does not completely fund projects, but serves as a link to groups, foundations, service organizations, and individuals wanting to contribute to the valuable work Volunteers do with their host communities. In order to receive funding through the Partnership Program, a community must make a 25 percent contribution to the total project cost and outline success indicators for the individual projects.

Here are the current grant projects by Peace Corps Volunteers. Support their work by contributing to and/or sharing their projects.

Nicaragua | Youth Leadership Camp 2017

Gray, K.
volunteer from New Hampshire

“Youth Leadership Camp 2017: Be the Change is a four-day camp for 54 Nicaraguan youth between the ages of 16 to 19 who have demonstrated themselves to be outstanding students and peer leaders and who could benefit from a more focused training in leadership and community project planning….

YLC 2017 will bring a diverse group of young adults from all over the country together to learn about the principal skills of leadership and teamwork while facilitating the brainstorming and planning of personalized service projects to be implemented in their home communities in the months following camp. As a result of this experience, these youth will be equipped with the leadership skills and confidence to create lasting positive change in their local communities.” – Read more

Nicaragua | Living Positively HIV Positive Women’s Retreat

Potts, J.
volunteer from Ohio

“In collaboration with psychologists and HIV mitigation organizations in Nicaragua, the facilitators of this retreat have worked very hard to develop creative activities and innovative educational lectures that will help the participants to begin to address the unhealthy behaviors, stress, discrimination, stigma, and often times abuse that exist in their lives. Each participant will challenge their current understanding of what it means to be living with HIV and work towards a healthier self-perception. The holistic approach to HIV mitigation will not only encourage HIV treatment adherence and empower women to live positively, but also will create a tight-knit community of support for a group that lives in silence.

The HIV positive Retreat is a key component of the HIV/AIDS Taskforce. It provides opportunity for connection amongst HIV Positive people living in Nicaragua. This mini retreat allows facilitators to provide direct support to positive persons. This will create a venue for women to refine and practice what they’€™ve learned in an environment that promotes positive personal growth without conceding the groups’€™ ability to conduct everyday activities.” – (read more)

Nicaragua | Let Girls Learn | Youth Girls Gender Equality Camp GLOW

Schrenk, K.
volunteer from Illinois

“In Nicaragua, certain cultural factors, such as machismo, prohibit women from taking advantage of education and employment opportunities in order to fill socially constructed gender roles in the home. Camp GLOW aspires to break these social frameworks by exposing young women to a wealth of opportunity and providing tools for creating change in their society.

At Camp GLOW, young women attend engaging workshops on topics such as sexual reproductive health, gender equality, gender and global human rights, and strategies for future planning. The camp promotes leadership skills and encourages the girls to return to their communities to implement projects that stimulate gender equality amongst their peers. Staffed by our fabulous PCVs and Nicaraguan counterparts, Peace Corps Nicaragua aims to continue a sustainable and interactive model empowering the nation’s young women.” – Read more

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