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Happy 2 years, Nica 67

Happy Anniversary, Nica 67. Two years in, three months to go.

13 Types of Houses Volunteers Call Home Sweet Home

Peace Corps Stories

“In Mongolia, you might live in a ger; in Swaziland, it could be a rondavel. Just as each Volunteer experience is different, so is each house.” (read more)

11 Sunrises Worth Waking Up For

Peace Corps Stories

“Whether you’re a Volunteer in Costa Rica or Cameroon, Jamaica or Georgia, Tonga or Togo, there is one constant of Peace Corps service: you’re going to see some pretty awesome sunrises.” (read see more)

Happy 2 Years Nica 66

Nica 66

Happy Anniversary Nica 66.  Two years in, three months to go.

Instagram: Sweet Tamale Day

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: Repost @haleyyyjules: “Sweet Tamale day! #tamale #hostfamily #nicaragua #peacecorpsnicaragua”

Instagram: Teacher Life

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: Repost @snrtasolecita: “Teacher Adrian with 11th graders today in Chin City. 🙌 #peacecorpsnicaragua” #peacecorps #teacherlife #tefl

Instagram: Active Volcano

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #RPCV repost @jlwayy: “Today I received an email with the subject ‘Avoid active volcanos at this moment’ ”
#peacecorps #peacecorpsnicaragua #sancristobal #chinandega #blanford

Instagram: Slice of Campo

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost “Dirt roads, barbed wire fences, and a little ol’ volcano pretty much sum up my slice of campo. #peacecorpsnicaragua #peacecorps”

17 Smiles to Start Your Day…or Year

Peace Corps Stories

Sometimes all it takes is one smile to make a Volunteer feel right at home.  (read more)

Instagram: Roaming Cattle

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @mario_munoz3: “Dirt roads, roaming cattle, overlooked by an active smoking volcano-the Momotombo. For the last 5 days, I immersed myself in a rural pueblo in Leon where current Peace Corps Volunteer @lilgigglz is working with a welcoming ranching and agriculture community of about 600 people. Living in an inviting and friendly community at an entirely different pace of life was an eye-opening experience 👣🐮 #peacecorpsnicaragua #life #culture #travel #discovernicaragua”

Instagram: Volcán Masaya

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @robinadairswan: “Staring into the heart of a volcano, watching the lava ebb and flow. #volcanmasaya” #peacecorpsnicaragua #landoflakesandvolcanoes

Instagram: Cleaning Coffee

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @lindsay_nason: “Cleaning coffee beans with the host family #nica65 #fincalife” #peacecorps #howiseepc

Instagram: Fumigation

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @eallennilsen: “#INeverKnew how dangerous #mosquitoes were. In the tropics, OFF just doesn’t cut it.
#peacecorpsnicaragua #publichealth #zika #dengue #chikungunya #malaria #bloggingabroad #BAphotochallenge” #fumigation

Instagram: La Gritería Chiquita

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost “La Gritería Chiquita marks just over one year in Nicaragua! I remember my first night with my host family consisted of fireworks celebrating Mary. Cheers to the bombas, cheers to María, and cheers to one year in this beautiful country. #peacecorps #peacecorpsnicaragua #notpictured:thebolopassedoutfivefeetaway” #celebrations #howiseepc

Instagram: Best Friend

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @christinelisee: “Who knew my best friend in Nicaragua would be a 5 year old? 💜 #peacecorpsnicaragua #peacecorps #mono #mejoramigo #cuidalanaturaleza #tuani”

Instagram: Jam Session

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: Repost @tarandaniel2: ” ‘Gracias por tanto amor’ – Joan Sebastian
A special addition to our familiar, late-night Ranchero jam sessions.” #peacecorps #ranchero #jamsesh

Instagram: School Garden

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @mario_munoz3: “I am extremely proud of @6yaya ‘s 5th and 6th grade students! They woke up early and met up at school on their day off to work on the “school garden.” The school where I help is extremely small and doesn’t have room for a garden so we walk to a “finca” where a nice lady, Doña Roxana, lets use her land. To give y’all an idea of how far we walk… It takes about 40 min to get there and we have to pass through the cemetery. The kids were so excited to get their hands dirty! We planted radishes, bell peppers, squash, and cucumbers. #environmentaltrainee #peacecorpsnicaragua #schoolgarden #proud

Instagram: Fish Soup

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @canoaz: “Fish soup, one of the best things living in Río San Juan. #peacecorpslife #peacecorpsnicaragua #entrepreneurship”

Photo Challenge Invitation

It’s easy to be fascinated when you start something new. People often take pictures on the first day of school, start travel journals when they’re early in their adventures, and blogging often comes easier to new PCVs rather than those who’ve been in country a while. But just because things aren’t “new” anymore doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort to document our journey. Whether it’s taking pictures or video, journaling or blogging, sometimes those who’ve been immersed in something longer can bring a richness and depth that newer eyes struggle to see.

One thing that’s helped me take a second look at our now ordinary way of life is participating in photo challenges with groups like Blogging Abroad. I know I’ll look back on our PC time one day and thing, “ugh…why didn’t I take a picture of _______ when I had the chance?” I’m notorious for having a camera around and forgetting to actually take any pictures. Having a theme to focus on each month has helped me look for the small pieces of our lives here that I’m sure one day I’ll miss. Only this time, I’ll have a picture to look back on.

I invite any an all PCVs who want to take more pictures of their service, need a theme in which to focus on, and/or want to focus a bit more on sharing culture to join the photo challenge and make sure to tag us at #peacecorpsnicaragua.


Instagram: World Connect Project at the Casa Materna

via @peacecorpsnicaragua: #repost @freckled_lemonade: “Our @worldconnectus project is underway at the casa materna and these ladies aren’t wasting a minute to start livening up the garden! 🐝 So excited and grateful for the approval of this project! Updates to come! 🐞 #peacecorpsnicaragua #womenshealthylifestyles” #peacecorps #women #howiseepc

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