Brijesh P. Kishan

Where do you call home?

Black Mountain, North Carolina

What were you doing before you joined Peace Corps?

Before joining the Peace Corps, I assisted with political campaigns in North and South Carolina; having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During 2017, I began my service with the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, but unfortunately returned home due to a myriad of reasons resulting in the termination of the program country-wide. Now, I’m bringing my talents to Nicaragua and couldn’t be more happier with my second opportunity to serve this beautiful country and amazing people!

Weirdest/most specific/interesting item you brought to country with you?

Tiger Sauce, you either know about it, or you don’t; and if you don’t come find me and I’ll tell you about it!

First impressions of Nicaragua? What surprised you most?

I’ve been thinking how lucky I am; to have a family so loving that I truly reciprocate the feeling; to have the privilege to aid in a country so beautiful I can’t describe it; and to learn from a people so full of love, laughter, and openness that I’ll never forget it. How fast I’ve accepted Nicaragua as home, that’s what has surprised me the most.

Funny anecdote from training/service so far?

My inability to fit inside a Microbus; we need special microbuses for 6ft tall+ individuals!

Best Spanish mistake?

That one time I went into the local school for the first time, wanting to invite students to join our Entrepreneurship group. Trying to excite the chavallos, I said “who wants to make a lot of money with your ideas in the future?!” That was followed by blank stares and zero enthusiasm. Little did I know, I was saying “we want to make a lot of money with your ideas in the future!” No wonder kids didn’t show up in the first couple of meetings!

Favorite Nica food?

Tostones or Tajadas con Pica

What do you hope to accomplish in your service?

I hope to change just one life for the better, and strike that piece humanity that is common within us all; even if that one life is my own.

What do you miss most from home?

My family, the backbone and support to my strength.