PSN Committee / Nicaragua

Peer Support Network plans a super divertido retreat twice a year. These events have a limited number of space and are a DRY event. PSN wants to provide opportunities to relieve some stress without substances. The last retreat has been so wonderfully and concisely wrapped up by Ms. Jen Rowley.

The most recent and wildly successful PSN retreat was held on December 27th-29th in Jiquilillo, Chinandega. A small group of us PCVs that were here for the holidays took a long and bumpy journey to the northern beaches of Chinandega to relax and reflect. We stayed at the very peaceful Rancho Tranquilo (dorm beds, 7USD a night) where we chatted on the beach by day and colored Mandalas by night.

Rancho Tranquilo lives up to its name and has a calming beach vibe. Chris Shepperd (HE 63) stated it was a, “Super tranquilo beach and hostel with a staff that made you feel like family. It was conducive to just sitting around, taking a break, and getting to know PCVs and other travelers. It was what a PSN retreat should be.” There was something for everyone; Jen Rowley (TEFL 64) ran and surfed to her heart’s desire while Mary McCoy (HE 63) diligently worked on the OCV grant and read.

A good time was had by all- Rancho Tranquilo has a family style restaurant in which all the guests votes on the two main dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then once the food is ready everyone sits and eats together. We would socialize at dinner then reflect with retreat members about their successes and struggles within the past year. We then brainstormed goals for the 2016 year.

For our next retreat, we will be trying something new! Current PCVs: go to the survey  to vote on the next retreat date and location!