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Entrance Interview: Neal, ENV 68

Who are you?

My name is Neal.

What do you like to go by?

Neal. I’d say I’m just that boring, but I think it is a pretty nifty name.

Where do you call home?

I’m from the Columbia river gorge, on the Washington side. My house is the evergreen trees, my carpet is the moss on the forest floor, and my window is the rain.

Why did you join the Peace Corps?
 Continue reading “Entrance Interview: Neal, ENV 68”

Exit Interview: Robert, ENV 64


Robert F. Brown (formerly Maria)

Site and Sector:

San Nicolás, Estelí. ENV64

Project assignment:

Community-based Environmental Education

Project reality:

Elementary Science and OTV Teacher and Town Environmental Consultant Continue reading “Exit Interview: Robert, ENV 64”

Exit Interview: Michelle, ENV 64


Michelle Zaragoza

Site and Sector

Juigalpa, Chontales. Environment 64

Project assignment

Primary environmental educator

Project reality

Taking hours creating the perfect materials for classes that NEVER happen while eating WAY TOO many tajadas. Continue reading “Exit Interview: Michelle, ENV 64”

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