Nae / Nica 65 / EEP

Have you noticed the business sector initial changed? If not, here’s the 411.

It changed from SBD to EEP. What was once Small Business Development is now Entrepreneurship Education Program. The change was a long time coming as trainees came in with expectations of only working with businesses. When in actuality, the majority of our work is in classrooms with MINED. There is a need to educate all Nicaraguans on what entrepreneurship is, how to successfully run a business, and most importantly, how to become an entrepreneur.

This new acronym better explains what volunteers in this sector do. The framework didn’t change, just the title. It was also better for counterparts in understanding the project. Previously, the project was a mouthful: Desarrollo Pequenos Negocios y Formentos Al Emprendurismo. Now, it’s simply Proyecto Formento Al Emprendurismo. It’s time to educate – first, volunteers, students, business owners, and then community members – that entrepreneurship is more than business.