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Nicaragua | Let Girls Learn | Youth Girls Gender Equality Camp GLOW

Kelsey / Nica 66 / TEFL
Volunteer from Illinois

The gist: “€œMachismo,” which roughly translates to “€œmale chauvinism,”€ permeates Nicaraguan society. The national government recently passed Law 779 to tackle gender-based violence, but work remains to confront gender inequality within families and communities. Empowering Nicaraguan female youth to challenge existent social frameworks, exposing them to a wealth of opportunities, and capacitating them to create change in their communities, is essential to this strategy.

Building on the success of four previous camps, we are moving forward with an evidence-based camp focused on gender equality education for girls ages 12-17. “€œGLOW,” an abbreviation of “Girls Leading Our World,” embodies the camp goal: empowering female youth to promote gender equality in their communities and become positive role models…  (read more)

The goal: $10,203.64

The PCVs: “At Camp GLOW, young women attend engaging workshops on topics such as sexual reproductive health, gender equality, gender and global human rights, and strategies for future planning. The camp promotes leadership skills and encourages the girls to return to their communities to implement projects that stimulate gender equality amongst their peers. Staffed by our fabulous PCVs and Nicaraguan counterparts, Peace Corps Nicaragua aims to continue a sustainable and interactive model empowering the nation’s young women. But to make this camp a reality, we need your help.

Still not convinced?  Head to our GAD Nicaragua blog to see for yourself the joy and power that is camp GLOW.”

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