Diversity Committee / Peace Corps Nicaragua

In July we had an affinity group!


It was amazing. For the first time, in a long time, PCVs who identify as being diverse had a safe space to share and get to know one another. We spent an entire day discussing how our service as diverse volunteers varies greatly, how we can support each other and how to broach the topic of differences with our fellow PCVs and host country nationals. In sharing our identity and experiences there was a strong love and inter connectivity felt by all, and across the board there was a strong appreciation for being in attendance. We’re planning to have another affinity group soon, so keep your eyes and ears open!

In August the staff had a four day diversity training! Attendees reflected on their personal identity markers through a variety of dynamic activities facilitated by two Diversity Specialists from PC headquarters in DC. Seven volunteers who met specific identity markers were selected to attend as participants. Volunteer participation gave the staff firsthand insight into the diverse experiences of PCVs and allowed for relationships to be built past a formal work environment. Staff participation alike gave volunteers the opportunity to hear staff opinions and challenges. As a result of the training, new action items are being developed, such as a diversity phone tree and events like affinity groups and a diversity retreat.

Photo by Eynard Gutierrez.