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After the successes of CHACA and our sister-GLOW camp called Mi Momento, looking forward to Camp GLOW 2017 in January, and the beginnings of other gender related initiatives, we’re certainly not feeling blue; there’s a lot happening in the world of GAD.

A Job Well Done

July 2nd-6th brought GAD’s 2nd Annual Camp CHACA brought to 52 young Nicaraguan men and 20 staff (PCVs and Nicaraguan counselors) where they learned about gender equality, violence prevention, and leadership.  With a song titled Somos Uno” (We are One) as their anthem, workshops about sharing power in relationships, HIV/Aids and pregnancy prevention, and condom negotiations, all combined with the magic power of camp songs, games and fun, this week was the week of a lifetime.

A huge shout out to the CHACA staff for all their hard work and dedication: Polly Wiltz HE65, Laura Linde ENV66, Elizabeth Hannah* HE65, Emily Nilsen* TEFL64, CJ Sanchez ENV66, Freddy Terrazas HE65, Liz Saccoccia ENV64, Justine LaVoye* HE65, Andrew NilsenTEFL64, and Ethan Parsons* HE65


A New Partnership

September 29th – October 3rd marked GAD’s first ever collaboration with an outside organization to host a sister camp GLOW: Campamento Mi Momento. Partnering with Global Orphan Foundation, a non-profit based out of Indianapolis IN, the camp aimed to bring the magic of GLOW to girls who receive services from three Nicaraguan orphanages. A Spanish version of “Fight Song” was the camp theme and workshops covered a variety of topics: self-esteem and goal setting, HIV/Aids and pregnancy prevention, and redefining ideas of beauty. Enjoy the smiles and joy that is women’s empowerment.

A huge shout out to the Mi Momento staff for all their hard work and dedication: Jay Armenta HE65, Laura Linde* ENV66, Elizabeth Hannah* HE65, Robin Swanhuyser TEFL64, Rosalyn Zock HE67, Kat Schiffler EEP67, and Liz Tylander HE67

mi momento

On the Horizon

Planning for Camp GLOW 2017 is already underway. This January, GAD is looking to offer 60 Nicaragan girls the chance to explore how gender affects their life and what they can do about it. We hope you will each consider nominating a girl who not only could be transformed, but who then, in turn, could help transform others in her community. Applications will be headed your way soon via email and the GAD blog.

We want to congratulate the PCVs chosen to be counselors at Camp GLOW 2017: Laura Linde* ENV66, Lindsay Slautterback * ENV66, Maura Magistrali HE67, Coco Lim EEP67, Kelsey Schrenk* TEFL66, Caroline Rodriguez ENV66, Lindsay Nason* EEP65, Taylor Boggs HE65, and Amanda David TEFL66

Anti-piropo Campaign

With updates like the ones above, it may seem like all we have time for is camp. But GAD’s new model for camp (small planning team of GAD members + counselors from outside of the committee) is allowing the rest of the committee to work on other GAD related initiatives and projects, too. One that is just getting underway is an anti-piropo campaign. The post first in a series, Piropo, Acoso, Elogio: What’s the Difference, was written by Lindsay Nason, EEP 65 and helps us rethink how we talk about catcalls in Spanish. More to come in the following weeks.

We need passionate individuals and groups actively working to reduce inequalities, bridge differences, and broaden understandings. We’re proud of the groups of PCVs who are doing just that and invite you to further participate in the work of gender and development in your site and beyond.

Until power, respect, and opportunity are no longer gendered,
– GAD Nicaragua

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*GAD Member at the time of the camp