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Project Highlight

Nicaragua | Primary Stove Kickoff Project

Seibel, T
volunteer from South Dakota

The gist: This project will provide 15 stoves and 3 ovens in 5 communities to benefit at least 20 women and over 50 children. The 5 communities are categorized as experiencing “severe poverty€.” …Given the current economic, health and environmental realities, community leaders proposed to build more efficient stoves and ovens. Compared to traditional cooking methods, new stoves and ovens decrease firewood by 60-70%, reducing money spent and mitigating the impact of deforestation. The new stoves and ovens also decrease smoke emissions into households by nearly 100%. The benefits directly advance the economic, health and environmental situations…(read more)

The goal: $2160.86

The PCV: “Three cheers for the environment! And empowerment! And rosquillas! We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside community counterparts, business partners, and families to 1) construct improved stoves and ovens and 2) build small business ideas utilizing the new technology. This project offers the opportunity to target the environmental impact of traditional fire stoves, engage in a reforestation campaign, reduce the health effects of smoke inhalation, and provide small business opportunities for women in 5 small rural communities.”

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