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Nicaragua | Youth Leadership Camp 2017

Gray / Nica 65 / HE
Volunteer from New Hampshire

The gist: Youth Leadership Camp 2017: Be the Change is a four-day camp for 54 Nicaraguan youth between the ages of 16 to 19 who have demonstrated themselves to be outstanding students and peer leaders and who could benefit from a more focused training in leadership and community project planning.  (Read more)

The goal: $9990.02.08

The PCVFriends, family, and people who love empowering youth:

Please consider donating to help me put on Youth Leadership Camp 2017 in Nicaragua. This year, Youth Leadership camp will take 54 Nicaraguan youth from across the country, and using the Design for Change curriculum, will teach project management and design. We hope to put our Peace Corps technical skills to use and train youth to implement projects in their own communities.

Remember that every U.S. dollar you donate is worth 30 bananas here, so just imagine your donating as the mountain of bananas we’re trying to build and consider pitching in. We need $8,000 USD to fully fund our camp, but every bit helps!

So spread the word, chip in, or follow us on Facebook to hear what’s going on with Youth Leadership Camp! – Alexandra Morgan

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