Jennifer Awesome Rowley


Sébaco, Matagalpa



Project assignment:

To enhance the lesson planning and English instruction abilities of the counterparts assigned

Project reality:

Become friends with everyone in sight and maybe teach a few kids some English words


La Giganta Girafe Nicaraguense/ Jen Awesome

Least useful thing:

Hiking shoes! Who would have known…

Most useful thing:

Mini speakers

Wish I had:

killed a chicken with my bare hands

Most creative way I killed time in my site:

Mandala drawing and listening to TED talks with a little burning incense

Book recommendations: The Power of Now, The Righteous Mind, The 4 Agreements, Born to Run, Eat and Run

Nicaraguan Habit I’ll keep fo’ever:

the nica snap with your fingers

I’ll miss:

eating superhot soup on superhot days 6 months from now…in Chicago

I WON’T miss:

the radio trucks that drive around and blast annuncios

How I’ve changed:

I’ve become more impatient, more understanding…and tanner

Did you ever want to ET?

NEVER never never.

Readjustment allowance:

3 weeks in Ecuador and a new computer

What’s next:

Data research with either the EPA or GSA, applying to be on Survivor

Final words of advice:

Stop finding reasons not to do it…and just do it. Don’t think, just do.


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