Who are you?

Matthew Donovan

What do you like to go by?

Matt or Mateo

Where do you call home?

Fort Collins, Colorado

Why did you join the Peace Corps?

I joined because I’ve been lucky enough to have had several RPCVs as mentors and their perspectives on life really made an impact on me. I’m also looking at careers in global health and am hoping Peace Corps service will give me a clearer idea of which path to take. 

What is one thing you want to do while in Nicaragua?

Multi-day backpacking trip in the Bosawás Nature Reserve in Jinotega!

What is your perfect pizza?

North of the Border pizza from Krazy Karl’s in my hometown. Pepperoni, jalapeños, bacon, and chunks of cream cheese. Paired with a strong IPA, it’s guaranteed to give you heartburn, bad breath, and endless contentment.

How did you meet your best friend?

During orientation before my freshman year of college, I took a spot at a poker table with a bunch of weirdos figuring I could win a lot of fake money from them and earn a sweet T-shirt. Well, I lost the game and those weirdos ended up becoming my best friends and roommates for the next 5 years.

Do you believe in pinky promises?

I don’t personally, but I wouldn’t dare cross a child who does.

What’s your Netflix binging addiction?

Season 2 of Narcos

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