City Year is an AmeriCorps program with 28 sites throughout the U.S.; they usually have an array of open positions in many cities and departments (Impact/Programming, Evaluation, Development, Operations, IT, Recruitment, Admissions, etc.).

Job listings for City Year can be found at

Nicaragua RPCV Jamey Applegate (Nica 60 / TEFL) highly suggests checking out City Year positions:

City Year loves Peace Corps; a lot of our AmeriCorps graduates join the Peace Corps and we love hiring RPCVs to fill staff positions.  I’d be more than happy to chat with anyone who has any questions about a specific role, about working at City Year and the culture of the organization, and about applying for a position. – Jamey
japplegate AT

About the organizationAt City Year, we’re working to bridge the gap in high-poverty communities between the support that students actually need, and what their schools are designed and resourced to provide. In doing so, we’re helping to increase graduation rates across the country, and changing the lives of the students we serve.

Through our data-driven approach and by coming together with our partners and schools, City Year is continuing to make a measurable impact in the lives of the students and communities we’re serving, and we’ve got the results to show for it.