While the US may be turning to the oranges and reds of fall, we here at VaPué have a different color on our minds.

From October 2016 – January 2017 we want you to put your service into print through reflections, thoughts, questions, and struggles all around our theme: Azul.

  • Azul might immediately invoke images of Ruben Dario quotes and poems being shared in class and interspersed between acts at events and assemblies.  We’re looking for pieces on Ruben Dario himself, and how he has shaped Nicaraguan culture and expression.  Or perhaps you could tap into your inner Dario and submit a poem, Dario style.
  • Better with a camera than with words?  Use Azul as your guide and send us your best shots.
  • The color Azul will forever bring to mind my Nicaragua, Nicaraguita, the national pride, the flag, the patria.  What are your personal experiences with Nicaragua’s pride?  Are the any flag nerds who could write up a piece about its history and symbolism?  We’d love a piece or two about fiestas patrias – traditions, experiences, pictures, and meaning.
  • In English, “blue” can also be connected with “feeling down.”  Slumps and dips are a reality for many PCVs during their service.  Mental health is worth taking care of and reflecting on.  We’re hoping for multiple articles about mental health and how to best take care of ourselves when those azul feelings come creeping in.
  • As the land of lakes and volcanoes, having two beautiful ocean coastlines and sporting miles of rivers (albeit some of them dry most of the year), Nicaragua is forever connected to azul water.  For this edition, we’re looking for articles on the oceans and coasts, about the rivers and river life, the history and realities of the lakes, and more.  Costeñ@s: teach us your truths.  ENV vols: we’ve created the perfect soapbox for you.  If your commute to site involves a panga: this is the theme for you.
  • Committees: As always, we want to hear from you and what you’ve been up to.  You are hereby challenged to try to work the theme into your submissions.
  • Have a question? Submit it to our Querida Mita advice column.  Be warned; her response may be sassy, but it sure won’t leave you feeling azul.
  • TEFL, ENV, EEP, and HE: Update us all on the current state of your sector or a specific project you’re proud to be working on.  Like committees, you are hereby challenged to try to work the theme into your submissions.
  • While we doubt you eat a lot of comidas azules, you’re still invited to submit a recipe or two.

While there is rolling submission for the VaPué blog, submissions for the in-house magazine and the VaPué Podcast are due October 9, 2016.

We welcome all submissions related to the theme or not and we reserve the right to filter and edit.  Please remember, we want posts that fit our global audience and help bridge the gap between the two worlds we love so much: Nicaragua and the United States.

Put your reflections, stories, questions, and service into print.

Still waving that tiny Nicaraguan blue flag we bought for fiestas patrias,
The VaPué Team

*Photo cred to PCV and VaPué staff member, Emily Allen Nilsen