Eric Insler

Did you have an apodo during service:


Site and Sector:

León, SBD 63.

Project assignment:

Coaching entrepreneurship teachers; advising small business owners.

Project reality:

Biking around León from school to school, business to business.

Most and/or least useful thing/experience brought into country:

My friend gave me a money belt. When I got robbed the burglar did not realize that there was money in the belt that was in my bag and it saved me a few thousand Cordobas.

What do you wish you had done here:

Salsa dancing lessons or surfing.

Most creative way you killed time in your site:

I once rode my bike all the way to the beach from León.

What books/podcasts/shows/movies did you get hooked on during your service that you would like to recommend to other volunteers?

I watched all of “How I Met Your Mother.” I love the show, but the ending was a huge disappointment.

Most Nicaraguan habit you’ll take home with you:

Waking up early. It’s 10:20 AM right now and my friends that I am currently staying with haven’t even stirred. I’ve been to the gym and showered already.

What will you miss six months from now:

Probably some friends that I made. Also the heat. Definitely the heat in six months. It will be December.

What will you not miss six months from now:

The noise. And my Host Mom. She could be kind of annoying.

How have you changed during your service:

I am more Eric than I ever was before.

Did you ever want to ET:

Yes, but I never seriously considered it.

Big plans for your readjustment allowance:

Basically all of my money is going into grad school – tuition, housing, purchasing necessary stuff (wardrobe, new computer, etc.).

What’s next:

Getting an MBA at UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business.

Final words of advice:

No Camps, No Grants, No Committees.