Tim and Caressa Kruth

Site and Sector:

Nueva Guinea, RACCS, Health

Did you have an apodo during service?


Most and/or least useful thing brought into country:

Febreeze (Most)

What do you wish you had done here:

Visited Boaco

Most creative way you killed time in your site:

Bought a Bunny and potty trained it

Most Nicaraguan habit you’ll take home with you:

Saying “Hi” to everybody

What will you miss six months from now:


What will you not miss six months from now:


How have you changed during your service:

Grew a beard (Tim); I’m 2 years older (Caressa)

Did you ever want to ET:

Not really. We never really considered it.

Big plans for your readjustment allowance:

Buy a new wardrobe

What’s next:

We’re moving to Seoul, Korea

Final words of advice:

– I think one of the most rewarding experiences is to visit PCVs in their site before your COS conference.
– Remember you’re on the same team with all the other PCVs. Try to develop an appreciation for other’s successes rather than compete with them; you’ll be a stronger team.