HIVTask Force / Nicaragua

The HIVaids Task Force is currently in a state of exciting transition. We are shifting away from the rigid guidelines that PEPFAR has in place in order to pursue our own projects that directly address the ever changing needs of HIV Prevention and Mitigation in Nicaragua. We are beginning to work on a variety of new projects that address topics in secondary HIV prevention such as self-care and professional skills. This year, we are focusing on working directly with the following populations; HIV positive women, orphans and vulnerable children, transgender women and LGTBQ organizations, healthcare professionals, and tricicleros. Our national projects are in full swing! On that note, the MINSA Stigma and Discrimination training as well as the Triciclero Testing and Training campaigns are set to begin this fall. We are very excited about the addition of our new members from EEP 65 and ENV 66, Jenn Potts and Stef Esteban, who have stepped into leading positions on the task force and continue to bring new and fresh perspectives to the committee. Keep reading our monthly emails for more detailed updates, important HIV prevention dates and project position openings.