Kelsey Guziak

Site and Sector:

Health 63, Terrabona, Matagalpa

Project assignment:

Teach sexual and reproductive health to teens and mothers, and promote breastfeeding and healthy eating habits at the Casa Materna

Project reality:

I guess I’ll see when I come back to visit in 5 years!

Did you have an apodo during service?

Nope, just Kelsey (spelled Kelsi)

Most and/or least useful thing/experience brought into country:

Most useful: aside from my computer for music and for working, my headlamp and a sharp cooking knife; least useful: an extension cord and 60% of my clothes (I am a paca addict and by the end of my service I had a totally different wardrobe than what I started with!)

What do you wish you had done here:

Learned how to make Nacatamales!

Most creative way you killed time in your site:

Teaching the kids on my street how to play Go Fish in English

What books/podcasts/shows/movies did you get hooked on during your service that you would like to recommend to other volunteers:

Any podcast on NPR, specifically Here & Now, Fresh Air; also Radiolab. Favorite TV show was ‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Scandal’

Most Nicaraguan habit you’ll take home with you:

The lip point!

What will you miss six months from now:

The sunshine (I’m from the northeast) and everyone saying “adios” to you on the street, and the frescos.

What will you not miss six months from now:

The sound of my host dad burping at all hours of the day right outside the door to my room.

How have you changed during your service:

I am more comfortable and confident being alone, and I am not scared of public speaking.

Did you ever want to ET:


Big plans for your readjustment allowance:

I am writing this to you from Salento, Colombia! I am backpacking for 10 weeks from Nicaragua to Peru (feel free to reach out if you want to do the same when you COS!)

What’s next:

Working a seasonal job at Snowbird, in Utah.

Final words of advice:

Three things: 1. take deep breaths and keep your chin up; 2. there’s nothing a brownie from El Molino can’t fix and 3. during those charlas, remember to channel your inner Beyoncé.