Nica 63 COSed in May 2016. Over the next few weeks, we will share some of their final thoughts and words of wisdom here on the blog in the form of VaPué Exit Interviews.

Are you an RPCV in Nica 63 (or an older generation) but didn’t get to respond to the Exit Interview Qs? Never fear, the questions are here:


Site and Sector:

Project assignment:

Project reality:

Did you have an apodo during service?

Most and/or least useful thing/experience brought into country:

What do you wish you had done here?

Most creative way you killed time in your site:

What books/podcasts/shows/movies did you get hooked on during your service that you would like to recommend to other volunteers?

Most Nicaraguan habit you’ll take home with you:

What will you miss six months from now?

What will you not miss six months from now?

How have you changed during your service?

Did you ever want to ET?

Big plans for your readjustment allowance?

What’s next?

Final words of advice:

***Please email your responses to and attach a photo of yourself with the questionnaire