Dearest Nicaragua R/PCVs, Invitees, Staff, and friends:

As PCVs, we’re privileged with the chance to live a slice of Nicaraguan history. After 27 months, we leave with an appreciation of what Nicaragua is, and what she is becoming. What’s harder to grasp, though, are the changes that have taken place over time, cycles that are far longer than our 2-year service.

From June 2016 – September 2016 we want to jump back in time and explore the differences, similarities, and lessons learned from ages gone by with our theme: Back in the Day.

  • We’re SUPER interested in hearing from Nicaraguans (especially for this prompt). Have a conversation with a host family member, a PC Staff member, Nicaraguan friend, etc. and transport yourselves back a few years through their stories and memories. Write up a quote, a HONI story/picture, poem, creative essay, etc. and send it our way. Question ideas: How has Nicaragua (or your site) changed over the years? What is something you miss from your childhood? etc. We’d like as many entries in this category as possible.
  • What are your personal experiences with how Nicaragua (or your site) has changed over time? Write up a poem, haiku, joke, comic, opinion, creative essay, etc. and share your journeys with us.
  • Better with a camera than with words? Track down an R/PCV from your site and work together to create side-by-side “Then-and-now” images that would help us see what has changed over time.
  • Sectoral transitions and change: While TEFL, ENV, EEP, and HE are our norms now, they haven’t always been. Update us all on the past or current state of your sector (or a specific project) and make a comparison to their past.
  • Committees: As always, we want to hear from you and what you’ve been up to.  You are hereby challenged to try to work the theme into your submission. How does “Back in the day” relate to the work you’re doing now?
  • While foods can be timeless, like a fantastic family recipe that is passed down for generations, others get lost over the years. Submit a recipe or two that help us experience “Back in the Day.”
  • Books, restaurants, cool activities abound!  We’re looking for short reviews in 5s: name, 1-5 stars, and a 5 word explanation.

While there is rolling submission for the VaPué blog, submissions for the in-house magazine and the VaPué Podcast are due June 10, 2016.

We welcome all submissions related to the theme or not and we reserve the right to filter and edit.  Please remember, we want posts that fit our global audience and help bridge the gap between the two worlds we love so much: Nicaragua and the United States.

Put your reflections, stories, questions, and service into print.

Walking down memory lane,
The VaPué Team