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Project Highlight

Clean Cooking and Baking for Reforestation

Liz / Nica 64 / ENV
Volunteer from Virginia

The gist: The project aims to reduce deforestation and respiratory illness from smoke inhalation by constructing seven fuel efficient stoves that use 50-60% less wood than traditional stoves and by funneling smoke out of the house through a chimney. This project also aims to assist women in improving or starting a baking goods business through the construction of seven fuel-efficient ovens.

Additionally, participants will attend “€œHealthy Cooking” and “€œStarting or Improving a Small Business,” workshops and will plant trees on their property.  (read more)

The goal: $1033.08

The PCV: “I’ve lived in a small town for almost 2 years and would so appreciate your support on my biggest project yet to build fuel-efficient stoves or ovens for 14 women of my community! The community members are invested, paying 37% of the cost of the project. New stoves will result in healthy families and less suffering from smoke inhalation (imagine a campfire inside all day every day). The oven recipients will start/improve a baking business to improve their economic status. All recipients will plant 5 trees each, too! I would appreciate any support, financially or a share on FB would be great, too! Thanks!”

The link: Donate here!