Here at VaPué, we want you to put your reflections, stories, questions, and service into print.

From February 2016 – May 2016 we are exploring the theme of Cultures: Clashing and Co-existing.

There is rolling submission for the VaPué blog.  While we welcome all submissions related to the theme or not, we reserve the right to filter and edit.  For the blog, we want posts that fit our global audience and help bridge the gap between the two worlds we love so much: Nicaragua and the United States.

  • What are your experiences with the clashing and/or co-existing of our various cultures?  Write up a poem, creative essay, list, etc. and share your journeys with us.
  • Struggling with some aspect of the culture or living here in Nicaragua? Submit your questions to our Querida Mita advice column. (Querida Mita…What’s the best way to catch leña on fire? / What’s the key to a long-distance relationship? / How do I survive when I get stuck in Managua for longer than I’d planned?)
  • We’re interested in hearing from Nicaraguans as well.  Have a conversation with a host family member, Nicaraguan friend, etc. and talk culture.  Write up a quote (think 1-5 sentences) and send it our way. (Question ideas: What do you think are the main differences or similarities between the United States and Nicaragua?   What have you learned about US culture from me?  What do you want me to know/learn about Nicaraguan culture?)
  • Better with a camera than with words?  Send in your fotos that capture and explore culture.  (Please submit photos to our email at pcvapue at as, unfortunately, you cannot submit them through the form below.)
  • Sectoral culture: Have an awesome PC project finishing?  Wanna shout out to a fellow PCV and their sectoral work?  Update us all on the worlds of TEFL, ENV, EEP, and HE.
  • Although the November 2015 issue was all about food, being hungry and loving good food are parts of both American and Nicaraguan culture.  Submit a recipe or two that help us experience cultural deliciousness.
  • Books, restaurants, cool activities abound!  We’re looking for short reviews in 5s: name, 1-5 stars, and a 5 word explanation.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope that these ideas spur your thoughts, pique your interest, and inspire you to submit.

Muchas thanks,
The VaPué Team